Vivitrol Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if Vivitrol is right for me?

Vivitrol is a safe and effective treatment options for individuals struggling with an addiction to opioids such as morphine, prescription painkillers, or heroin. Given monthly via an injection, Vivitrol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in opioid addiction treatment programs to help aid individuals in lowering opioid cravings, as well as lessening withdrawal symptoms. Since Vivitrol includes naltrexone as its active ingredient, patients with an allergy to naltrexone will be given an alternative medication.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the services provided in a medication assisted treatment program to overcome an addiction to opioids, please contact our dedicated staff. Our team of qualified healthcare professionals is here to help you learn more about Vivitrol, as well as the treatment options available through Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers.

Can I become addicted to Vivitrol?

Since Vivitrol is a non-opioid and given via injection, it is highly unlikely for an addiction to develop. The dosages as well as the administration of Vivitrol are closely monitored by medical professionals, which eliminates the opportunity for individuals to abuse and become addicted to this medication.

Will Vivitrol show up on a drug screening?

In order for Vivitrol to show up on a drug screen, specific tests need to be used. Vivitrol will not show up on a standard drug screen. However, it is important to note that if an individual uses or abuses other substances while using Vivitrol, a positive result will result if a drug test is given.

How long will I need to be on Vivitrol?

Since Vivitrol has been proven to be a safe medication to take for both long and short-term use, individuals will vary in the length of time that they use Vivitrol based on their specific needs. Many physicians suggest using Vivitrol for at least one year, while simultaneously attending counseling sessions. By discussing your overall medication assisted treatment plan with your physician, you will be able to gain a better understanding of how long you will take Vivitrol for.

Does Vivitrol interact with other drugs or medications?

Since Vivitrol can cause adverse effects when taken with other medications, it is important to openly communicate the use of other medications and substances with your physician. It is advised that patients avoid using opioids and alcohol while taking Vivitrol due to the dangerous effects that can take place. Prior to beginning treatment where Vivitrol is being given, patients are urged to discuss their use of any vitamins, herbal supplements, or prescription and over-the-counter medications with their physician to avoid any potential side effects.

What if I no longer wish to take Vivitrol? Can I stop or switch to a different medication?

Since Vivitrol is given once monthly, it will remain in their system for the duration of the month due to its extended-release properties. Because of this, patients cannot immediately cease their use of Vivitrol and switch to a different medication. By working with their physician, patients are able to develop a plan to wean off of Vivitrol and safely transition onto a new medication if it is desired or deemed necessary.

What is the cost for Vivitrol treatment?

The cost of treatment at Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers can vary depending on the medications and therapeutic treatment options used. To learn more about the cost of treatment, please contact one of our intake experts to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you.