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Benefits of Individual Therapy

Benefits of Individual Therapy for Opioid Abuse

Addiction is more complex than simply stopping the use of a substance. Because the causes for addiction lay deeper than simply consuming or injecting a drug, individuals seeking treatment must delve deeper to understand the emotional factors that aided in the development of their addiction in the first place. For this reason, individual therapy is an extremely beneficial tool for patients to utilize as a part of their comprehensive treatment program. By gaining an understanding of what may have caused an addiction to start in the first place, individuals are able to work towards recovery on a psychological and emotional perspective.

Individual therapy involves working with a counselor in a one-on-one setting to openly discuss a patient’s addiction to heroin, morphine, or prescription medications. The benefits of utilizing individual therapy can include the following:

  • Recognizing previous traumatic events that may have contributed to the abuse of substances
  • Developing new points of view relating to both the apparent and possible primary causes of substance abuse and addiction
  • Forming new, healthy ways to cope with stress and adverse feelings
  • Handling setbacks and victories during the course of treatment
  • Creating strategies for preventing or handling compromising situations in which using substances might be tempting
  • Forming new personal goals for the present and future

By gaining the ability to understand one’s own emotions, behaviors, and feelings, patients are given the skills to prepare for a future that is free from substance abuse. Individual therapy allows patients to have the opportunity to openly discuss their progress and recovery in a safe environment with the support of a dedicated counselor.

Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation for Opioid Abuse Recovery

Patients who take part in individual therapy will likely experience the following throughout their course of treatment:

  • An increase in their self-confidence
  • An enhancement in their self-esteem
  • A reduction of stress
  • An intensified sense of self-awareness

These benefits create the solid foundation that is necessary for patients to move forward in treatment in a positive manner.

Costal Plaines Comprehensive Treatment Center believes that individual therapy provides a solid emotional foundation for patients working to overcome their addiction to opioids. Utilizing individual therapy allows patients the opportunity to receive the emotional help they require, while also allowing counselors to verify that patients are following their treatment recommendations. Our dedicated counselors check-in with patients throughout treatment to verify that they are progressing in a positive manner.

Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Center provides individuals with the treatment required to achieve a healthy, happy, and sober life. If you or someone you love would benefit from individual therapy for addiction, as well as the treatment options available through Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Center, please contact us today.