Medication Assisted Treatment for Roxicodone Addiction

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Proudly serving North Carolina, our methadone clinics provide adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from Roxicodone.

Understanding Roxicodone Abuse

Understanding Roxicodone Abuse Recovery

Roxicodone is a prescription medication supplied to individuals who are battling severe pain. This narcotic medication contains oxycodone hydrochloride, which is a medication that can be incredibly addictive if a healthcare provider is not supervising a person’s use. When Roxicodone is not taken as directed, it can bring about feelings of extreme relaxation, euphoria, and detachment from one’s surroundings. If an individual develops an addiction to this medication, he or she could experience a number of adverse effects if he or she attempts to stop using Roxicodone. The withdrawal symptoms that can emerge once an individual ceases his or her Roxicodone use can be uncomfortable enough that it can cause him or her to begin using again. Luckily, this frustrating cycle of abuse can be broken.

One of the most effective forms of treatment that can help a person overcome a Roxicodone addiction is medication assisted treatment. This type of care includes the use of specific medications that help curb cravings, lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, and stop the dangerous effects of opioids. When medication assisted treatment is obtained simultaneously with therapeutic interventions like individual and group therapy, individuals who are struggling with a Roxicodone addiction can begin to realize that he or she can obtain a life that is free from the abuse of this narcotic painkiller.

At Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we are here to help you regain control of your life. The medication assisted treatment that we provide is proven safe and effective in helping men and women beat their opioid addictions. The individual and group therapy sessions that we offer only increase the odds of an individual achieving lasting recovery. If you are searching for a treatment center that can help you accomplish these goals, contact Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers right now. We want to help you.

Types of Treatment Offered

Types of Treatment Offered for Roxicodone Abuse Recovery at North Carolina Comprehensive Treatment Centers

Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers is a network of providers that supply care for those who wish to overcome opioid addictions. Individuals aged 18 and older who have been abusing opioids like Roxicodone for at least one year are eligible to participate in our programs. Our professional and talented staff is made up of counselors, doctors, and nurses who work hand-in-hand with patients to help create individualized treatment plans that include the methods of care that can meet their specific needs.

The medications and therapies that can be included into a patient’s treatment plan include:

Methadone: Methadone is effective in curbing the drug cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms that occur once an individual has stopped abusing an opioid such as Roxicodone. Individuals who are consuming methadone within a medication assisted treatment program will not become high when taking this medication, as this medication works by helping patients remain focused on recovery. Methadone, an opioid agonist, is taken once daily and in a dosage that is based on the needs of the patient. Patients will most likely wean off of methadone as time passes in order to obtain full recovery.

Suboxone: Suboxone is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. Like methadone, Suboxone stops cravings and withdrawal symptoms from becoming disabling. However, if Suboxone is abused on its own or with other opioids like Roxicodone, it can trigger the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Taken daily, Suboxone is consumed in a dosage approved by a medical professional.

Subutex: Subutex contains buprenorphine as its active ingredient. This medication works by keeping both withdrawal symptoms and cravings at bay. A patient who is consuming Subutex will not suffer the damaging effects of opioids on the brain, as Subutex blocks these effects by being a partial opioid agonist-antagonist. This medication is taken once a day and in a dosage that meets the needs of each patient.

Vivitrol: Vivitrol is the only medication offered within medication assisted treatment programs that is injected. Taken once a month due to its extended-release properties, Vivitrol diminishes cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The primary ingredient in Vivitrol is naltrexone.

Individual and group therapy: To increase the effectiveness to the medication assisted treatment that we provide, Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers include the implementation of individual and group therapy into all treatment plans. Individual therapy sessions occur one-on-one with a counselor so that patients can process their emotions surrounding their recovery. Group therapy sessions are also counselor-led, however they include the participation of numerous patients who have shared similar experiences. Within this setting, patients can thrive off of the support and encouragement that is offered, as well as discuss a number of topics to help move their recovery process along.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider North Carolina Comprehensive Treatment Centers for Roxicodone Abuse

Individuals who abuse Roxicodone are at an increased risk for numerous adverse experiences. Trying to beat an addiction such as this without professional help can cause an individual to fall deeper into his or her dangerous cycle of substance abuse. Because of this, it is imperative for those who are struggling with a Roxicodone addiction to obtain the type of care that will help them recover and avoid the damaging effects of this disease.

Continued, long-term Roxicodone abuse can bring on a number of challenges in an individual’s life. For example, financial issues are often common, as those who abuse this drug find themselves jobless and pouring all the money they can find into their habit. Additionally, family conflict and troubles within other relationships can break occur. Problems with the law are also common, as those who continue to abuse an opioid like Roxicodone often break the law just to obtain more of the substance.

The physical and psychological wellbeing of those who abuse Roxicodone can also be threatened. Should an individual already suffer from a mental health issue prior to his or her Roxicodone abuse, his or her mental health can begin to dramatically decline even more with the presence of this substance in his or her body. From a physical standpoint, Roxicodone can lead to damage to vital organs, which could be permanent. Those who are struggling with a Roxicodone addiction are always at an increased risk for overdose. Overdose happens when an individual consumes too much of a substance than his or her body can metabolize. Since an individual can become tolerant to Roxicodone, the possibility of overdose is far more likely. Fortunately, there is effective treatment that can help individuals addicted to Roxicodone get the help they need to live healthier, substance-free lives.

Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers are a network of outpatient providers that offer medication assisted treatment to those individuals who are suffering from Roxicodone addiction. If you or someone you love is prepared to begin the journey towards recovery, reach out to Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers right now. We can help you rebuild the life that you deserve to live.