Medication Assisted Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

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Understanding Oxycodone Abuse

Understanding Oxycodone Abuse Recovery

Those who are prescribed Oxycodone take this medication to relieve moderate to severe pain, and do not consume it with the intention of becoming addicted. However, it is possible for an oxycodone addiction to develop if it is taken outside of its prescribed intent and/or without the supervision of a medical professional. Oxycodone, an opioid-based painkiller, is found in a variety of different brand name prescriptions, including Roxicodone, OxyContin, Percodan, and Percocet. Medications such as these are frequently abused by those who are chasing after the euphoric effects that they produce. Continual abuse of oxycodone or medications that contain oxycodone can cause an individual to struggle to overcome his or her addiction, as painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can set in once a person ends his or her use of this substance.

The withdrawal symptoms that occur after an individual suddenly stops his or her oxycodone use can cause a person to return to the abuse of this medication as a way of obtaining relief the discomfort that he or she is experiencing. It is for this very reason that seeking professional help from those who can provide effective treatment is important in order for men and women to break free from the abuse of this powerful substance. While there are a number of different treatment options available that treat oxycodone addiction, one of the most effective forms of care is medication assisted treatment.

Medication assisted treatment is a type of treatment that utilizes specific medications that are capable of stopping cravings and withdrawal symptoms. When these medications are taken under the supervision of a trained professionals, an individual can focus on his or her recovery without physical distractions holding him or her back. When medication assisted treatment is obtained along with therapies, such as individual and group therapy, those individuals grappling with addictions to oxycodone can work through the additional factors that may have contributed to the development of their addictions.

At Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we are here to help you regain control of your life. The medication assisted treatment that we provide is proven to be safe and effective in helping men and women overcome the obstacles associated with oxycodone addiction. The group and individual therapy sessions that we supply to our patients help them increase the likelihood of experiencing long-term recovery. If you are searching for a treatment center that can effectively treat your oxycodone addiction, reach out to Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers right now. We are here to help you.

Types of Treatment Offered

Types of Treatment Offered for Oxycodone Abuse Recovery at North Carolina Comprehensive Treatment Centers

Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers are a group of outpatient care providers that supply medication assisted treatment. For individuals aged 18 and older and who have been abusing oxycodone for at least one full year are eligible to engage in our services. Our skilled and expert staff of professionals, which includes counselors, nurses, and doctors, works with patients to determine the most appropriate medication, the dosage of that medication, and the therapeutic interventions that will benefit each patient the most.

The therapies and medications that can be included into a patient’s treatment plan include:

Methadone: Methadone averts the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that often accompany the cessation of oxycodone use. Individuals who are taking methadone will not be able to achieve the same high as they would if they were abusing other opioids such as oxycodone. Classified as an opioid agonist, methadone is taken daily. The dosage that is consumed is decided based on the needs of the patient and will most likely taper off over time to allow full recovery to be achieved.

Suboxone: Suboxone, which contains buprenorphine and naloxone, staves off withdrawal symptoms and tempting cravings for continued opioid use. Unlike other medications of its kind, Suboxone will trigger the onset of withdrawal symptoms if it is abused on its own or with other opioids such as oxycodone. This medication is taken once daily and will be given in a dosage that fits the needs of the patient.

Subutex: Subutex, classified as a partial opioid agonist-antagonist, is effective in warding off cravings and withdrawal symptoms by stopping the dangerous effects that oxycodone and other opioids can have on a person’s body. The use of this medication allows individuals to avoid experiencing effects of opioids, all while withdrawal symptoms are lessened so that a patient can remain focused on his or her recovery. Subutex is consumed daily and via a dosage that one of our licensed doctors has recommended and provided.

Vivitrol: With naltrexone as its main ingredient, Vivitrol is a non-addictive, non-narcotic medication that can eliminate cravings for opioids and diminish withdrawal symptoms once the use of oxycodone has stopped. Unlike other medications prescribed at our centers, Vivitrol is injected one time each month.  

Individual and group therapy: To improve the effectiveness of our medication assisted treatment, we, at Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers, include individual and group therapy sessions to supplement to the care we provide. Individual therapy sessions enable patients to work one-on-one with a counselor in a private setting where they can discuss their emotions surrounding the process of recovery. Group therapy sessions gather patients together in a setting that is led by a counselor to discuss a variety of addiction- and recovery-related topics. Group therapy is highly beneficial, as it provides patients with the ability to obtain and provide encouragement and support to one another in a safe environment.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider North Carolina Comprehensive Treatment Centers for Oxycodone Abuse

Abusing a substance such as oxycodone or oxycodone-combination medications can cause an individual to suffer from numerous adverse effects. The abuse of oxycodone can bring about a series of negative consequences that could dramatically change an individual’s life. Like other forms of addiction, oxycodone addiction can bring about financial challenges, the inability to remain employed, and the breakdown of once meaningful relationships. If treatment is not sought, a person’s mental health is also at stake, as any existing mental illness symptoms can become worse over time.

Physically, oxycodone addiction can trigger a series of dangerous side effects that could be life-threatening. Respiratory failure, heart damage, and liver damage can occur as a result of continued oxycodone abuse. Additionally, the longer a person abuses this medication, the more likely that he or she is to suffering from an overdose. Oxycodone overdose happens when an individual consumes more of this substance than his or her body is capable of handling. If emergency medical attention is not obtained when an overdose occurs, death is a possibility. However, there are a number of treatment options out there that can help individuals avoid these dramatic side effects and begin living happy, balanced lives once more.

If you or someone you love is battling an oxycodone addiction, contact Sandhills Comprehensive Treatment Centers right now. Our medication assisted treatment and therapies have helped thousands of individuals recover, and we believe we can help you recover, too.